NM502 Environmental Document

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The 2007 Environmental Document is a 56-page document assessing the environmental impact of the then-planned NM502 improvements. This is the best description I've found of the project scope and "preferred option".

The "preferred option" did not include any roundabout. In fact, use of a roundabout at the intersection of Trinity Dr. and Central Ave. was considered and deemed less desirable than the preferred option with a signalized intersection.
Reader beware: the Section on "Crash Data" on p. 5 of this report appears to be in error. This document claims 528 crashes per Million Vehicle Miles. From the data we have obtained from official sources, the correct value is 143 per 100 Million Vehicle Miles (100MVM) for the entire NM502 corridor (between Diamond Dr. and Tewa Lp.) and 241 per 100MVM for the portion of the corridor included in this project plan (between Knecht St. and Tewa Lp.). Discussion of the corridor safety is presented here .
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