NM502 Petition - 2016

The following petition was presented to the public for signature.
Petition text:

We, the undersigned, request that the Los Alamos County Council take the following actions:

(1) stop preparations for the roundabout at Trinity and Central immediately;
(2) arrange to replace the planned roundabout with a signalized intersection; and
(3) adopt a moratorium on roundabout planning for any and all Los Alamos County arterial streets such as East Road, Trinity Drive, and Diamond Drive for a period of ten years.

Thank you for your consideration.

The petition was signed by 342 Los Alamos County residents and was delivered at the County Council meeting of April 5, 2016. Video of the entire Council meeting can be found here (this matter is agenda item 7.A).
William Mead gave a short talk supporting the petition, available as an Adobe pdf file here and as a video clip here (8 min.). The councilors asked several questions (video here, 10 min.).

Several citizens spoke for two minutes each, with ten supporting the petition and seven in opposition. Videos of these speakers are divided into four groups, and can be watched by clicking on the group(s) you wish to view.

  • Pro-petition (con-roundabout) group 1 (Debra Steinman, Lisa Shin, Craig Cullberg, Michael Cutler, Joel Williams)
  • Pro-petition group 2 (Robert Wells, Chris Fisher, Fran Berting, Robert Weeks, Peggy Pendergast)
  • Con-petition (pro-roundabout) group 1 (Gregory Kendall, William Somers, Kyle Zimmerman, George Stannings)
  • Con-petition group 2 (Michael Wismer, David Glass, Brian Oneil)
Councilor Israelovitz moved to "Accept the petition, thank the petitioners, and take no further action." Motion seconded by Councilor Henderson. After brief comments by the councilors, the motion passed 6-1. Video of this portion of the proceedings is available here (18 min.).
The petitioners thank the Councilors for their consideration, though we consider the Council's response inadequate.

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