NM502 Project status/summary- 2016

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Status of County/NMDOT plans for roundabout on Trinity at Central

  • NMDOT update flyer published in January, 2016
  • Roundabout design 95% completed as component of NM502/Trinity Project
  • Construction scheduled to begin in Spring of 2017.
  • NMDOT current estimated project cost is $7.1M.

Some knowledgeable residents have assessed the planned roundabout and conclude that

The planned roundabout will FAIL to improve the Trinity/Central intersection!

Best available course is to STOP the project long enough to replace the roundabout with a signalized intersection.

A simpler and better signalized design for the intersection was chosen by the NMDOT and the Council in 2007

and was offered again by Parsons-Brinkerhoff in 2012

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