What would the Study's proposed changes do for safety?

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We've looked at Los Alamos County safety data for 2008-2009. Interestingly, the rate of accidents on Trinity is about the same as on Central, whether counting injury accidents or all accidents.

Both roadways have had 1 pedestrian accident during the time period of 2006-2010, and the pedestrian accident on Trinity was listed as Property Damage Only.

To date in 2011, there has been one accident on Trinity Drive involving a pedestrian. Fortunately, the person involved was not seriously injured. Information I have received suggests that in this case the pedestrian had a "Walk" signal and the vehicle had a green light (there was apparently no separate left-turn arrow, and no all-vehicle-stop interval for pedestrian crossing).

Early in the Study, MIG showed an erroneous plot that made NM502 appear less safe than other roads in the state and county (yellow bar). This plot was used as a strong motivator for changing the road's configuration to use roundabouts. The corrected plot below indicates a good safety record for either the Knecht through Tewa section of the corridor (light green) or the entire corridor (blue bar).

NM502 corridor within Los Alamos County has a good safety record

It is unclear whether the low accident rate that currently exists would be improved by reducing the number of lanes and/or installing roundabouts. Are there examples of modifying a safe 4-lane, signalized road in the ways proposed that would indicate that safety is improved?
The case for a significant safety improvement using roundabouts has not been made

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