County Council Meeting - 9/6/2011

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The Los Alamos County Council met September 6, 2011 to consider the NM502 Study Final Report and related matters. Here, I present a partial summary of the meeting. 

Presentations and discussion at the meeting included

  • MIG, Inc. summarized the results of their "Final Draft Report" from the NM502 Study
  • Norbert Ennslin and Joel Williams gave presentations in support of the "Cady/Gavron" petition (with more than 500 co-signers), requesting that Trinity Drive not be reduced below 4 lanes
  • William Mead gave a presentation in support of the "Mead" petition (slides available here)
  • OURSTON Roundabout Engineering presented the results of their peer review of the MIG Study (highlights here, full report here)
  • Public comments
  • Council questions and discussion
The following motion (as contained in the Draft Minutes of 9/15/11) was made by Councilor Wismer and seconded.
Councilor Wismer moved, seconded by Councilor Berting, that Council acknowledge the MIG Report and only consider the conclusions stated in the report.  I Further move that Council direct staff to return to Council at a future work session, no later than December 2011, with specific design alternatives that are consistent with the goals identified in the Los Alamos Street Design Policy and include the following options along with proís and conís: the design considered and approved in 2007; options with two lane roundabouts with either two or four lane roads, that include right-of-way options; an option that includes four lanes and signalized intersection with the pedestrian crossings at appropriate locations; consideration of the Hawk option and other options that may develop during discussions and widening the Technical Advisory Committee.

The following votes were cast:

Councilor Wismer Y
Councilor Stover Y
Councilor Selvage Y
Councilor Chiravalle N
Councilor Israelevitz Y
Councilor Berting Y
The motion passed, 5-1.


It will be interesting to see how discussions and plans proceed.

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