What should be done?

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The following are ideas for some possible directions to go to improve things in Los Alamos.
Reject modifications to Trinity Drive or East Road (and other arterial streets) that would decrease the number of through-traffic lanes and/or install roundabout(s)
Abandon the "Preferred Alternative" in the current NM502 Corridor Study: cost high, benefits low or negative
Keep what exists and works for NM502

Solve existing problems on Trinity via modest adjustments

  • tweak logic and timing for signals?
  • pursue sound abatement for Eastern Area residents as a separate project
  • add turning or acceleration lanes where access is inadequate?
  • add one smart signal light at the point of greatest need (if any)?
  • improve pedestrian crossings (mid-block, safety strobe lights, midway refuge, overpass)
  • add bicycle lanes?
Consider other approaches to solving congestion problem on East Road, e.g. expanson to 4 lanes with acceleration and turn lanes

Think about some larger problems

  • congestion and safety on the Main Hill Road?
  • lack of effective alternate routes for some arteries?
  • problems aside from streets and roads?

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